Cannabis feed

Any grower, whether a beginner or an experienced grower, wants to get a good, high-quality crop, no matter how he grows cannabis – in a grow box or in open soil. The main factors on which the quality of the crop depends are the choice of soil or substrate, lighting, ventilation, proper watering. Choose weed humidifiers.

When growing outdoors, the issue of lighting and ventilation is not relevant, but for a grow box it is necessary to create conditions close to natural. But in that, and in another case, feeding hemp plays an almost decisive role in obtaining a high-quality crop. Not only the final result depends on the choice of fertilizers, but also the general condition of the plants during the growing season and flowering. You can buy fertilizers for marijuana in our GrowPro online store.

What determines the choice of feeding

Hemp feed is selected depending on the following factors:

  1. growing method;
  2. type of soil or substrate;
  3. general condition of plants.

So, for cultivation outdoors, mainly organic fertilizers for hemp are used – manure or fertilizing of organic origin. This is due to the fact that with the right choice of place and soil for growing in a natural environment, plants practically do not need additional feeding with minerals. For growing in a grow box, on the contrary, mineral fertilizing or a combination of organic matter and mineral fertilizers are often used. This is due to the fact that substrates for growing in a grow box do not contain minerals contained in the soil, and artificial lighting and air circulation, even with ideal settings, do not completely replace natural conditions.

Mineral fertilizers for cannabis

Modern manufacturers of mineral fertilizers for hemp produce products designed for a particular period (vegetation, flowering, ripening of the crop) or for additional feeding of the root system, leaves and inflorescences. In addition, some marijuana supplements help strengthen the immune system of the bushes and prevent the occurrence of diseases. Such a variety on the fertilizer market makes it possible to choose a balanced top dressing for both young plants and adult bushes.

The series of mineral cannabis feeds from the manufacturer GHE: Flora Coco are widely popular and in high demand.

– a line of dressings designed for growing hemp in coconut substrates. Formulated with the specific substrate in mind, these fertilizers help significantly improve plant health and yield.

Flora Duo is a two-component concentrated feed containing stimulants and bioactive additives. It is intended for use in different periods of growth, for each of which a separate dose and concentration is selected.

Flora nova– fertilizer of increased concentration, available in two types – for growth and for flowering/fruiting. Thanks to the optimal balance of minerals, two bottles of this line (for flowering and for growth) are enough to provide plants with all the necessary additives throughout the cycle. The main thing is to choose the right concentration.

Flora Series is a versatile three-component nutritional system. Flora Micro stimulates the development and healthy growth of plantlets, Flora Gro is designed to feed mature plants, Flora Bloom provides the bushes with the necessary substances during the flowering period.

How to determine the correct nutritional balance?

The color of the leaves will indicate an excess or lack of certain trace elements in the soil or substrate. So, a yellowish tint of the leaf blade speaks of nitrogen deficiency, and at a later stage, drying of the petiole. An excess of nitrogen is characterized by darkening of the leaf blades. Darkening of the veins indicates a deficiency of iron, and yellowing of the leaves and dried tips of an excess of zinc. Any changes in the color and condition of the leaves are a sure sign that you need to reconsider the choice and dosage of top dressing. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor your plants and control the concentration and balance of fertilizers.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of fertilizers when cloning cannabis. Since this process is quite painful for plants, it is necessary to use stimulants and additives that not only promote growth and development, but also strengthen the immunity of both the donor plant and the clone plant.