Effective ways to deal with the bear

Earth cancer, cabbage, bear – this is a pest. It spends most of its life underground, and it is selected to the surface mainly at night. The bear feeds on other earthy insects, earthworms and root crops, therefore it often causes the death of garden crops. So that all the work that was done to grow the crop did not turn out to be in vain, it is necessary to begin the fight against cabbage at the first signs of its appearance in the garden.

Bottle with beer or kvass

The insect is attracted by the smell of fermentation. Therefore, one of the ways to deal with a bear is to create a trap from a bottle into which kvass or beer is poured. The container should be 3 parts full of insect-attracting liquid. The neck of the bottle should be closed with a gauze cut. It will prevent getting into the ground. The bottle should be buried so that its neck is 35 ° above the bottom. When the bear crawls to the bottle, it will easily gnaw on gauze and crawl inside. Due to the tilt of the tank, she will not be able to get back.

Hand-catching pests

The fight with the bear can be done with your own hands. On the site where the cabbage woman lives, they lay out cardboard, boards, dense fabric (old jackets), etc. Medvedka will crawl out of the hole and will be under this shelter, believing that he is sitting in one of the tunnels. It is better to carry out this procedure on hot days. The insect rises closer to the surface in order to warm up. To catch the pest, you should raise the cover.

Soap solution

Trapping the insect can be done using water in which the washing powder (or soap) was dissolved. On the site you should find a hole that is the entrance (exit) from the tunnel dug by the pest. Soap begins to fill in it. If the cabbage is in a hole, then because of the water, it will begin to try to get to the surface through another nearby exit. At this point, it must be caught.

Ultrasonic Repellers

Devices that emit ultrasonic waves can be used to repel insects. After they are placed on the site and included, the pest will leave the garden on its own. If you turn off the equipment used, then the cabbage will return, because she does not go long distances. When using an ultrasonic device throughout the season, you can prevent the appearance of a bear in your area.


It is recommended to take care of the safety of horticultural crops even during their planting. So that the roots of the plants are not damaged by an insect, they should be treated with an insecticide. In the fight against earthen cancer, you can use Prestige.

Chemicals are introduced in other ways. It is necessary to boil corn, wheat or millet, and then treat with BI-58 insecticide. This substance is toxic: if the pest eats processed, it will die. Also, the drug has a smell that repels the bear.

Chemicals lose their properties after a while, for this reason it is recommended to scatter the poisoned grain in the area or drop it in the ground throughout the entire period while the plants ripen in the garden.

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